Off the Shelf Experience

Art Director
Creative Direction, UI/UX Design, Front End Development, Responsive Design.

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Fandom asked me to create a website and ad campaign focused on promoting GameStop's new releases.

Fandom was looking to build a branded experience that would act as a vanity 'storefront' where users could use the website to view a number of new GameStop releases. GameStop partnered with Fandom to create the storefront to make it easy for users to learn about and buy games. The website and ad media created a good user experience which resulted in improved revenue.

Project Highlights

UX strategy & fully responsive design

Branding and art direction

Banner ad campagin development

The Problem Statement

Fandom is the world’s largest entertainment & gaming fan platform. However, there are always times that there are new game releases, and it's important to talk to your fan base in a language they understand and appreciate. So when I saw the need in the marketplace for a product that was fun to use I thought- "I know how to do this."

When you're known for being part of a subculture composed of super fans, how do you share a number of new gaming releases to fans that are learning about them in order to enhance sales and revenue?

The Strategy

As I moved forward with this campaign it became clear that the billboard ad unit would be one of the biggest drivers to the destination page. I made a point to design the 970x360 ad with strong visuals and then deliver the art to the Fandom team to tag and host the ad.

The Process

After mocking up high fidelity prototypes and sending to the team for approval, they provided minimal feedback, so we were able to beat our timeframe.

We were aiming for a high click through rate with this campaign. One way I thought to draw more attention to the "Call To Action" was to focus on the button. Changing the button from being static to adding a subtle animation added emphasis. Check out the before and after->

Static button not grabbing attention
The button animated to add energy
Hot Wheels id website

Key Takeaways

The website amplified pre-order messaging and broadened the audience for the remainder of 2017’s title game releases which increased revenue.
The end result was that GameStop was super happy with the hub and how the program turned out.