designing the introduction to corpay mastercard

Senior Product Designer
Researched customers goals, Experience & Visual Design, Prototype & usability testing.

Corpay is an arm of Fleetcor's B2B payment processes which is a global leader in payment strategies. A new Corpay MasterCard had just launched. My role in the project was concepting and designing their brand new website.

I led this 4 month remote project from research through launch and collaborated closely with the VP, Head of Digital Innovation.

Working with the technical team we got the site launched on time. The design I built ended up influencing the style and also the usability of many more Corpay campaigns.

Adult Swim Singles site on different screens

Project Highlights

UX strategy & fully responsive design

Branding and art direction

Banner ad campagin development


I planned and conducted 6 remote interviews to understand the purpose, opportunity, and challenges of different types of users on


3 Users
  • Would Corpay MasterCard change the way you pay bills?
  • Which parts of the website do you use most often?
  • What do you think of the new user interface?
3 Non-Users
  • What's your opinion on the way features and info are laid out?
  • Do you have business payments to make each month?
  • What do you think about the features available?

The Strategy

After meeting with the stakeholders I identified the following 3 opportunities that could deliver an enticing experience which would drive visitors to apply or learn more.

  • Strong Messaging
    To explain the new Corpay MasterCard features and value.

  • Clear Call-to-Action
    The goal was to drive the visitor's eye to the apply button.

  • Drive to other Corpay products
    To Provide a entry point into CorpayOne, InvoicePay, ect...

The Process

I led the team through a number of wireframing rounds and prototyping to strike the right balance between information and customer experience. After presenting the prototypes to the team and receiving feedback I was able to meet the teams needs as well as build the most functional experience for the user.
Design Process note - The client wanted to appeal to a wide audience. With that in mind I made a point to use diverse imagery throughout the site.

Process Flow Chart
A new Corpay color pallet
UX Wireframing
I built wireframes for the best Customer Experience flow.
We took a look at the data and we found out some surprising insights, like just how many repeat visits it took for people to convert to apply for the Corpay card.
UX Wireframing
The website to learn and apply for the card was too confusing and difficult for users to navigate. Corpay wanted to rebuild and redesign the site using simplicity making the application process easy for consumers.

Key Takeaways

  • The design I built ended up influencing many more Corpay campaigns.
  • I learned it is very important to get all stakeholders on the same page by having rounds of wireframes and prototypes.
  • By running usability tests I was able to understand and recommend solutions.
  • The client was quite happy with the end result. We ended up getting good feedback with the direction that was chosen for the site design.