Creative group

Art Director
Creative Direction, UI/UX Design.

While working at the Cartoon Network I was responsible for designing the B2B On-Air Production Platform.

Cartoon Network was looking to build a production guide for the Creative Group team which included an employee resource that would hold all the needed information for on-air to digital to on-site projects. Over the years the guide has proven to be a handy tool. It has been used and updated countless times.

Adult Swim Singles site on different screens

The Problem Statement

The Creative Group-On-Air-Toon department is known to produce excellent results. However, the internal Creative Group was in need of having a central place to store everything from show series to an employee directory to a vendor database ect...

How I began to work on the project was to collaborate with team members both within and outside of the Creative Group. Collaboration is key. After getting the team photos from the Creative Group and meeting with the project managers and developers about how the production guide was going to be built it was time for some prototyping.

The Process

I mocked up high fidelity prototypes and sent them to the team for approval. They provided minimal feedback, so we were able to stay within our timeframe.

The thumbnails below show my design process. I initially had the navigation at the top, but through the prototype process I realized a side bar navigation would provide more real estate for nav items. In the process I also refined the graphic elements as well.

After the designs were approved it was time to meet with the developers and deliver them the files.

Hot Wheels id website

Key Takeaways

The production guide has made a positive impact on the production team from the start.
The end result was that The Creative Group being a team of creative directors, writers, designers and producers had a useful tool to help them streamline their processes.