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Art Director
Creative Direction, UI/UX Design, Front End Development, Responsive Design.

The Singles program was born in 2010. Each year Adult Swim's free summer Singles program has grown bigger while adding a more diverse selection of artists.

I built a whole music program which included creating and managing a new website, banner ads and the social media feed weekly per track. I built a system that could be updated weekly and supplied to the marketing department with track links so they could distribute them to music productions to help maintain traffic while increasing views and track plays.

Adult Swim Singles site on different screens

Project Highlights

UX strategy & fully responsive design

Weekly site updates for each track release

Banner ad campagin development

The Problem Statement

The outgoing site used Flash, which wasn’t searchable, and was hard to update. They needed something modern, flexible, and mobile-compatible which meant responsive design. I jumped at the chance for this opportunity.
I was involved with nearly every aspect of the process. My role included presenting wireframes to the SVP, front end development, creative direction, design and updating the campaign creative each week.

The Strategy

With mobile devices being used much more in 2013, I pitched an idea that the website be built with a mobile-first ethos. In order to sell the SVP on the idea, I helped prototype the layout to give the idea a visual.
I wanted the track art and the track audio to be controlled separately, so I experimented with a number of ways to slide through the images and control the music using an elegant User Interface.

The Process

I led our team through extensive wireframing and prototyping to strike the right balance between information and Adult Swim Singles affinity. After experimenting on a number of website layouts I know where it ended up was the most functional for the user.

Hot Wheels id website

Key Takeaways

The site ended up getting the most mobile traffic on Adult Swim to date.
The campaign also won an award: 2013 Internet Advertising Competition - Best Music Integrated Ad Campaign.